Random Faces
Random Faces


"Concrete expose"" is the name of concrete, which is prepared and executed in the form of molding for the purpose of the final facade in the building The combination of two colors, dark and light, can be a suitable option for use in the facade of the building and the outdoor spaces of the building Another use used for the staircase wall is the corridor and lobby, which is the most suitable choice for this use . In general, this design is a suitable choice, including minimal designs, and for such spaces with minimal designs. Due to the darkness of product code 8146, it can be used as complements to product codes 8144 and 8145 in interior spaces. Due to the darkness of the 8146 code of this product, it can be used in interior spaces as a supplement to the 8144 and 8145 codes. One of the characteristics of gray color is the ability to harmonize with different decorations, and for this reason, this design can account for the higher variety of decorations when designed by architects. . Since this product has a soft texture on the surface, use on surfaces exposed to solid light will give a good visual effect. Among these spaces, we can mention lighting in the facade and walls of the corridors."

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Product codes

8144, 8145, 8146


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