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سطح براق | polished tile
Polished Tile


"The ceramic tile design inspired by Labradorite, a popular decorative stone, has been created. Labradorite is a very pleasant crystal with its main appeal being the display of various colors on its surfaces. The Emerald ceramic tile design, named after the gemstone emerald, is typically found in nature in green colors; however, there is also a much more captivating blue variety that is very rare. The Emerald ceramic tile design features a stunning range of colors including bright peacock blue, golden yellow, dark brown, dark gray, and dark shades of gray-blue and black, with its smooth and polished surface shining in the light and showcasing a unique effect. The Emerald ceramic tile, with its glassy and glossy appearance, is suitable for luxurious spaces such as clothing boutiques, jewelry stores, art studios, photography studios, restaurants, etc. This design is commonly used on kitchen walls and countertops due to its beauty and eye-catching appeal. Due to the beautiful appearance and eye-catching nature of this design, Marjan Tile Company recommends using the Emerald ceramic tile in reception areas and TV walls as well. The Emerald ceramic tile is part of the porcelain tile collection in sizes 60*120 and 100*100 with a polished surface. "

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