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"The Sahara ceramic tile design is inspired by natural marble stone. This marble stone is found in nature with different vein intensities. Also, because the design and color of this tile evoke a desert-like space and feeling, the name Sahara has been chosen from the vast Sahara desert. Sahara has a minimalistic design with gray and cream colors suitable for those who are interested in a simple yet modern tile design that complements minimalist interior decor styles. The cream color of the Sahara tile is considered a neutral color that can be paired with almost any other color, giving you a wide range of options for color combinations. The combination of cream and gold colors in the Sahara tile creates a vibrant and lively atmosphere. This color scheme adds a luxurious touch to spaces like bathrooms. The gray color of the Sahara tile is a favorite among designers of modern and minimalist decor styles for living rooms. Due to its neutral design and color, the Sahara ceramic tile can be widely used in commercial complexes and shopping centers to create a more vibrant and dynamic space. One special feature of this design is the vein effect, which, along with its relative depth and shiny matte contrast, creates a sense of greater depth in the pattern. The Sahara ceramic tile design comes in two sizes: 100*100 and 60*120, with a polished surface, produced by Marjan Tile Company. "

توضیحات تکمیلی

Product codes

8337, 8338

سایز - کد

Sahara Beige – 8337 (100*100)
Sahara Light Gray – 8338 (100*100)

Sahara Beige – 8137 (120*60)
Sahara Light Gray – 8138(120*60)


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